Snow Day.

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Not saying I am the best at taking photos in this type of weather, I am still learning as this is my third winter in my entire life. There are some good things to the cold and snow. Since I am home for the day due to the weather closing campus, I geared up and took a walk around my back yard and the front yard snapping photos. I went in and out of my house a few times to get the photos done because I do not have protective gear for my camera.

I have a love and hate relationship with winter ever since I moved here.

I love it because it is something new for me to explore, and I hate it because it makes me sick. The snow is pretty most of the time, and fun to play in when you have the right group of friends.


It sucks when someone decides to throw a snowball at you and it ends up being mostly ice and hits your head. I think that the next week will be a mixture of emotions.


There will always be the great memories of the warm and white beaches of Guam for me to day dream about. Especially during these below freezing days and nights. I shall see you in my dreams Guam.

Today, tomorrow and Thursday I will be participating in the Twitter Scavenger Hunt 2014. There are a handful of schools participating  this month, and it is about promoting our school and showing what it has to offer.

Until next time, good morning, good afternoon, good night.


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