Month: March 2014

“Uplift, Inspire, and Entertain”

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Through the strings and fingertips of two classically trained violinists comes a fusion of musical genres.

IMG_1166Classical, Rock, R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop fusion is what you will find when attending a performance by Black Violin. Wilner “Wil B” Baptiste and Kevin “Kev Marcus” are classically trained violinists who first met playing in high school orchestra in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was from there that their passion grew and led them to where they are today. The fusion of genres is an eye opening and exhilarating experience as you are able to feel the music in a different way. Usually when one things of Rock and hip-hop, a classically trained violinist rocking it out on stage does not come to mind. However, Wilner and Kevin deliver on note their passion for music, with not just their classical training but the skills they developed through the years of playing and adding vocals to their sets. It is their drive to “Inspire, Uplift, and Entertain” that keeps them playing and touring to various performing arts centers through the United States. ¬†Watching Wilner and Kevin perform on stage, you are able to see and hear their passion for music. They tie in not only various genres, but also add vocals to step it up a notch. Playing music since they were in middle school, Wilner and Kevin have come a long way and it shows that they have kept a consistent dedication to the art.


LKL Nature Photography

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A glimpse of some of my work from 2013.

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Through my years of developing my photography skills, I have shot photos through the season . In a project last year, I took a series of photos capturing the morning light on campus. It was the time I was on campus, so I used it towards my advantage and took these shots at different locations and times during the sunrise.

My favorite part of this series was the way that the sky was a different color in each photo. Not one sunrise was the same as the day before, as the weather changes. My favorite one was when the ground was covered in frost and a light fog was all around campus. This gave a nice softening effect to the light and made it slightly easier to photograph in the direction of the light.

Nature is one of my favorite areas to work with, as I am always pleasantly surprised by what it has in store. Everything is different from a distance, and when you get up close it is like a new world.