Through the lens of my camera I show you the world, up close and personal. The way I see life.

Photography is the medium of art that I have fallen in love with. Every aspect of capturing the world around me through the lens of my camera, brings me such relaxation. My passion for photography started at a young age with my first camera being a small black Kodak film camera I got for Christmas 1997. Upon opening that present, I remember feeling such joy in seeing that I was given a chance to photograph the world around me. I grew to slowly learn and develop my skills with the camera, when my parents were able to get me film for it. Being only seven years old I had no way of purchasing film, and at that time it was more of a luxury item in my family.

Between elementary and middle school I stuck to using disposable cameras and the I-zone (small Polaroid camera). Then once I hit high school the opportunity for me to once again learn about photography was within my grasp. My high school was offering a class in Photography and as soon as I saw it as an option I signed up. In that class I learned the basics of film photography and the dark room, I fell more in love with photography and tried my best in that class despite the time constraints and limited resources.

After that year was over, I moved and was unable to continue my classes on film photography and once again it took a back seat.

It was not until 2009 that I got another chance at actually pursuing my passion, it was that Christmas when my parents bought me a camera. Since then it has been nearly everywhere with me, as every day in life there will always be a photo of the world waiting to be shot. Even if it is some random spot on the road.

Look out for the development of Facebook page showcasing my work done through the years.



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