Haputo, Guam.

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Oldie but goodie, it is one the numerous photos I took while living on the island of Guam. It keeps me calm and gives me a warm place to think about during these below freezing temperatures of the winter season here in Illinois.

SONY DSCHaputo, which is located on the northern side of the island. It is an arial view because in order to get to the shore its about a 30 minute hike down a trail going through the jungle. The elevation changes about 300 feet from the start to the shore and it is well worth it. The path down to the short is a mixture of an old eroding stair case and some dirt paths from where the stair case did not hold its ground. 


 So watching your step is a must and it is important to never take your eyes off where you are walking or you just might tumble down the side of the hill that the trail winds down. Reaching the end of the trail, the beach greats you with a breeze as you are finally out of the humid jungle. The waters  at Haputo are clear and calm.  In some areas there is fresh water coming from the shore and mixes in with the salt water. CIMG0351 - CopyThe water is clear enough for you to see someone five feet in front of you and to also b e able to take a look at all the life below the water such as corals and fishes.

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There are not many visitors as it is only accessible to the military due to it being on base. The limited access however has allowed this beach to thrive and remain mostly untouched by harmful things such as garbage, fires and other silly things that us humans do.

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